Wicked Fresh Maine Seafood: Behind the Scenes

Our concept is beautifully simple: serve the freshest Maine seafood possible.

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Authentic Maine Lobster Bakes

 Lobster bakes and clambakes are summer fixtures in seaside towns across New England, particularly in Maine. The Lobster Bake tradition dates to pre-colonial America; lobster bakes afforded Native Americans a method to cook Lobsters, clams and shellfish they gathered along the seashore.

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Makin' Bacon with Smith's Log Smokehouse

 An hour and a half northeast of Boothbay, sits Monroe, Maine: a small, inland township with a population just shy of 1,000. This secluded Maine community has been the home of Andrew Smith and Smith’s Log Smokehouse since 1980.

 As those who’ve indulged in a BLC sandwich from our Stamford food truck can attest, Smith’s bacon paired with our fresh, sweet Maine lobster is truly otherworldly. To see how they craft this salty gold, we gave our sea legs a rest and headed north to Monroe…

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How to eat whole Maine Lobster: A 7-step Guide

Despite its deliciousness, many folks steer clear of whole, steamed lobster. The reasons are understandable; claw-cracking ineptitude is highly correlated with colossal messes and final dates.

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A 5-step Guide to Cooking Fresh Maine Lobster

Whether you’ve just caught your own, bought your own, or have otherwise been endowed with fresh lobster; you’ve come to the right place! This post will take you step by step through preparing and cooking (steaming, baking, or boiling) whole, fresh Maine lobster.

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It’s Harvest Season! A visit to Goranson Farm

With the fall harvest upon us, Boothbay Lobster Co. decided to visit one of our fishing and farm partners that make our farm to table approach possible: Goranson Farm in Dresden, Maine!

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Catching Wicked Fresh Maine Lobster

Welcome to the Boothbay Lobster Company blog!

In addition to blogging about all things lobster, Maine, and wicked fresh seafood, the Boothbay Lobster Co. blog will showcase our amazing fishermen and farmers who make our farm-to-table approach possible.  

Today we welcome you aboard “Loose One 2” with one of our lobsterman, Dan “Loose” Lewis, to show you how to catch fresh Maine lobster!

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